Coachella & Festival Fashion

Magical nights dancing under the stars brings out the wild child in all of us.

With flowers tied up in our hair, sun-kissed cheeks, and laughter that the wind carries from the whispering trees, we are ready to embark on festival season.

Let’s face it, there are 2 things that go down during festival season

  1. The serious urge to see those bands you have only dreamt of rocking out too. Pushing your way to the front of the stage in hopes to get a glimpse of your heroes.
  2. The fashion. The beautiful thing about festival fashion, there are no rules, which makes for some killer outfits, and some not so killer outfits.

The days of bright-colored tie-dye are over. Detailed crochet, delicate lace, cut off shorts, and hip hugging bodysuits are where it’s at.  We have compiled different looks from our boutique to get you fashion ready for the experience of a lifetime!

The sun can be damn hot during the day, but as the sun sets and night falls you’ll want a kimono or cardigan.


Feather Hat: $35

Kimono: Show Me your MuMu – $176.00      *On Sale $53.09

Bodysuit: Elan – $52.00       *On Sale $36.40

Shorts: Elan – $49.99

Necklace: Ettika – $79.20


Accessorizing is a big priority when getting ready for a festival.  Bringing big heavy bags will get in the way as you dance to your favorite bands, plus who wants to dig to find money for that drink you need.  As well as the right bag, the right accessories can bring the whole outfit together.


Hat: $35.00

Necklace: Love & Leather – $69.00

Shorts: Gypsy05 – $127.60

Crochet Bra: Elan – $35.00

Purse: Brave Leather – $275.00


Loose clothing will help you stay cool during those sweltering moments.  The moments where you wish your friend would douse you with water but don’t want to mess up your hair.  This look is completed with a gold fringe kimono that shimmers when rays of the beaming sun hit it.


Kimono: Kaya Di Koko – $140.80

Crop Tank Top: MLV – $129.80

Necklace: House Of Harlow 1960 – $148.00

Shorts: BlankNYC – $61.60

Boots: $71.59        * On sale $21.48


Not into wearing cut off shorts?  Patterned bells make a statement, you can mix and match patterns or keep it simple.  Make sure to pack your sunnies so you can see all the magic happen without squinting.


Top: Gypsy05 – $171.60    *On Sale $51.48

Pants: Michael Lauren  $33.00


So let this festival season be filled with magic, positive energy, good vibes, great fashion, and outstanding music.