A New Year State of Mind

Never know what to wear for New Years Eve?  Do you sparkle and shine, keep warm with a blazer, or sport that classy pant suite?  When I go in my closet to find something for New Year’s I just scratch my head.  I mean this is a time for you to shine, to forget your worries and anticipate the new you.  With that being said, wearing the same outfit year after year is a serious no.  We have cultivated some looks from Honey B’s Boutique for you.

Finding the perfect New Year’s Eve look all starts with the perfect piece.



This dress literally screams NYE. The MLV silver sequin slip dress is so simple yet sassy in all the right ways.  This stand out dress is available at Honey B’s Boutique.  Pair with pastel pink and you have a soft romantic chic look while still sparkling the night away.

As the clock strikes midnight you’ll have no problem catching a kiss in our customer favorite black Raga romper. Dripping with gold sequins, details include an open back with scallop detail at the hem.



For Love & Lemons black romper with floral applique accents, mini ladder cut-out trim, & ruffle hem.  No resolutions this outfit is perfect!


For Love and Lemons has done it again with this jumper, mouths will be dropping long before the ball does.  The floral lace applique accents on the top and bottom are just the right amount of flair.  Accessorizing is minimal, throw on your favorite earring, killer heels, a stunning handbag and ring in the New Year in style.



It’s a time to toast to new friends, new fashions, new lifestyle changes, and a new you.  Celebrate the good times, move on from the bad times, and remember karma is a beautiful thing.  A lot of our New Year Eve’s look are now 30%-40% off!  Stop by today and make 2017 your bitch.



Get Lit this Holiday Season

Get lit this holiday season with our beautiful selection of candles. Let the aromas  of holidays fill your house with feelings of togetherness. Set the ambiance with a one of our 12oz glass tumblers from Enlighten Candles made locally in Arizona.  Infused with essential oils each candle is hand poured with love and made with non-GMO soy wax which is eco-friendly.

As we burn these candles in our store we can’t help but get all warm and cozy inside.   We’ve been setting the mood of gift giving, family, harmony, peace and love with our holiday collection. Our customers are telling us this is the BEST the store has ever smelled.  Now with that being said there is one down side to burning the candles at work, all we want to do is build snowmen, make snowangles, and drink hot cocoa.  Since we can’t do that we will settle for the smell of cedar wood, fir, and cinnamon to set the mood.  Check out our Holiday scented candles:

  • Christmas Hearth
  • Christmas Tree
  • Holly Berry
  • Peppermint Bark

We have a full collection of other scents as well.

Get lit while you meditate with our selection of Mantra Candles.


What’s a Mantra Candle you ask?  The word mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle.  It’s a word, sound of phrase to aid you in concentration when meditating.  When using a mantra it’s believe that only the positive intentions and actions will fill your mind and eliminate negativity.

Our mantra candles have a fully charged quartz crystal on the bottom waiting for you!  Grab a mantra candle today, set your intentions and manifest your dreams into reality.  Perfect gift for someone needing some inspiration

Honey B’s Boutique – A Scottsdale Sorority

What does the sorority of Scottsdale mean? It means our boutique is just more than dresses, rompers, casual wear, handbags and jewelry.  It’s more of a sisterhood, a community of like-minded women.  With a non judgement free zone we make women feel secure in a place where all too many feel insecure.


Sometimes you just need a place where you can shoot the shit, complain about your husband, gossip about the other soccer moms, while getting some retail therapy, and we have plenty of that here.  The atmosphere is fun and relaxed as we have a seating area and a fridge full of wine! We share dating tips, makeup tricks, diet secrets and where the best places to pick up men are.

We told ya our fridge was full!

We told ya our fridge was full!

Once you waltz your way through the doors for the first time, you are considered family.  This is a judgement free zone, and your secrets always safe with us.  If you want a sense of sisterhood, a killer outfit, and honesty, then what are you waiting for?  Join the Honey B’s family today!